Current Version: BETA
Support Line: 850-325-0192
Projected Release Date: December 2010

Hello There!

if you are looking for a new checkout solution for your small business, you may stop looking now! Checkout Center is a touch screen built P.O.S solution designed for the small business in mind. It features Employee Management, Various reporting tools such as Employee Performance reports, Sales reports, Daily Quota, etc. More can be added upon request. Already have an existing products database? Great! Using a CSV format, you can integrate your database to the onboard database in the program, or even better, use the server version of the program, and have all clients up to date with the same database! What's Easier than that!?

You may be asking yourself though, Why should I choose this P.O.S solution over the various others? Simple, since we are a small group of programmers, if you ever encounter problems with our software, you won't have to call some foreign call center out in the middle of India (No OFFENCE!!!!). Checkout Center is being developed and maintained by a small group of coders in the United States. Unfortunately we don't have a toll free one-eight-hundred number, but if the occasion arises that you will need to contact us, you will get support almost immediately!

Ok, so now you may be asking yourself, what if I need this pos to perform another function? Well contact us! Chances are if you are wanting that feature various others are as well, Let us know so that we can begin work on it!